New Book

I received a new book as an early Christmas present from my sister. I am stoked to read it even though it is tough reading. It is an autobiography by Theodore Roosevelt. He is a decent writer even though his thoughts meander all over the place so it’s hard to keep track of where he is headed. But nonetheless it is interesting. I found this quote from the book making me want to share it:

“It is a dreadful misfortune for a man to grow to feel that his whole livelihood and while happiness depend upon his staying in office. Such a feeling prevents him from being of real service to the people while in office, and always puts him under the heaviest strain of pressure to barter his convictions for the sake of holding office.” Teddy Roosevelt, the autobiography of Theodore Roosevelt, pg 36

This is amazing insight for someone who spent so much time in the public eye. I for one agree that we should be men of Christ first and not be men who are described by our work. I will rarely say, “I am a pastor…” Most of the time I will say, “I work for a church.” I don’t want to become what I do for work, but I want to become who God would have me be.

Thanks Teddy for a thought provoking quote.

Could your favorite politician hold a real job?


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