Ox Wisdom

Ox Wisdom is definitely a lost art. Years and years of not farming with oxen have left us out of some good ox jokes or in this case, ox wisdom.

You may think that oxen are dumb. You may have heard the phrase, “Dumb as an ox…” and thought to yourself, at no point in my life, could I gain any sort of wisdom via an ox. But I think today changes that.

I am pumped about this verse in Proverbs:

“Where there are no oxen, the manger is clean, but abundant crops come by the strength of the ox.” Proverbs 14:4

Let’s be honest. Crap isn’t that fun to deal with. It doesn’t smell good. If there are 10 things to do and “taking care of the crap” is one of them, you choose the other 9 first. Crap isn’t on anyone’s “I ♥ ” t-shirts.

But, and this is a big butt, without the crap you don’t get the benefit of the ox. Geneticists haven’t created a crap free ox. And I don’t think they are working on one. If you want the ox, you have to deal with the crap.

If you are sick of the crap analogy, I’ll switch it up. Everything we do, that is worth doing has complications. Complications = things that aren’t fun to do or things that are hard or things that are messy (think children). Being a parent is an awesome responsibility and joy. Blessings abound in parenthood. But it isn’t all jellybeans and roses. There are a number of complications. And I’m not just talking about diapers, any parents of teenagers out there?

If you want a clean manger, you can’t have an ox. So you have to ask yourself if you are on the earth for an abundant harvest or a clean manger? Because you can’t have both.

I think somewhere Jesus talked about an abundant harvest, and I’m sticking with that guy.


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