When I was in high school I was into theater, speech, or acting as you may say. I participated in the competitive speech program in high school. I was in a couple plays/musicals in high school. I also had a lead role in a community play held at the renowned Grist Mill Theater in Macedonia, IA. Please hold the applause : )

I enjoyed the opportunity to act. I have the ability to totally consume myself in a role. I can still do it, even watching a movie. I get very into movies and I easily empathize with certain characters. I cry a lot during movies or TV shows because of this. Which is only occasionally awkward.

I haven’t participated in acting in quite a while. The last was time was while we were in Springfield, MO. I did a drama for our church there during a Sunday service. There is ample opportunity in our current city. Lot’s of community theater options but it just doesn’t have the same draw now, plus the time commitment with a young family is unrealistic. So I haven’t stepped back on stage, so to speak, in more than 10 years.

But there are other types of “play acting” we can get involved in. I was floored this morning while reading in Proverbs by this verse:

“Better to be lowly and have a servant than to play the great man and lack bread.” Proverbs 12:9

How many of us are out kicking our coverage? Or how many of us are living beyond our means in order to keep up a facade or front for others to marvel at? At first this sounds silly, because none of us do this. Let me break it down and see if I can bring it closer to home.

How many of you love it when someone just drops by for a visit with no call ahead? Most of us are terrified of this because our that wouldn’t give us the chance to pick up our house so they would see how we truly live in our homes. Or what about this, do you ever share with your friends if you are making a decision of which bill to be late on and which one not to? Do you ever tell a couple that invites you out to dinner that you can’t go, because you are out of food money for the month? Do you keep looking for a house in that other neighborhood even though you know it’s over your budget? Are you leasing a new car?

Are we consumed with “playing the great man” at the expense of our true livelihood? Or can we be real? Can we live within our means? Can we be lowly, with extra to spend?

It is a tougher conversation than we first thought isn’t it.

P.S. Happy Birthday Johnny B!


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