Give Freely…

“One gives freely, yet grows all the richer; another withholds what he should give, and only suffers want.” Proverbs 11:24

Why is it so hard to be genuinely generous?

I don’t think I am alone when I say I struggle in this area. I struggle to truly give what I should without thinking about how it might be used or could I have used it more efficiently than where I am giving it? Or even, what could I have done with the money if I wouldn’t have given it to someone else.

What is my problem?

I want to be generous. I know I should be generous. What is crazy is when I am not generous I know I have this huge want/need of everything I drive by. I drive by a car dealer everyday on the way to work. I stare at the trucks that are lined up on the road like I “NEED” one. I don’t. So why do I think that?

I am still hanging on to stuff. I’m getting satisfaction from stuff. That’s not how it’s supposed to work. The more I hang onto stuff, the more stuff I want. I don’t want to want stuff.

I want to give freely and grow all the richer…


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