Clean White Board

I use a white board all the time in my office. I like to write my ideas out big so I can see them and change them. It helps me think. Helps me see what I’m missing. I love it.

I also love it because you can erase it. It isn’t permanent. You can start over. You can make mistakes on a white board because its fixable. Just erase it and fix it. It is great for my job.

I think the white board has some great advantages in the world of relationships too. I’m not kidding.


What if we started everyday with a fresh white board?

I think of it like this. During my days I tend to collect wrongs done to me on my white board. I write down how someone said something or did something that hurt me. And often times the next day I wake up and before anything else happens, I’m thinking about what was done wrong to me yesterday.

I carry the burden of grudges into my new day, with no fresh start.

In our relationships, if we want to succeed. Really succeed. Really make it work, for the long haul. Through everything, I don’t know like a marriage. If we want our relationships to survive and even thrive.

We have to be willing and able to erase our white boards every night. Erase it. So that you wake up the next morning like nothing happened the day before. That isn’t fair. Yep. You are right. It isn’t. But it will make your relationships go smoother. It will allow wounds to heal instead of daily tearing them open.

Just try it for 7 days. Erase your white board every night. When you wake up in the morning start relationally with a clean slate. See what happens.


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