I have a lot of conversations in a day. That’s what I do. I meet with people. I talk with people. Some stories are fun. Some are not. Just a few examples:

A nineteen year old kid wants to learn more about following Jesus, reading the Bible and prayer.

A recovering meth addict is looking for help in giving their life to Jesus. Looking for connections that are positive instead of negative.

Someone who can’t stop the destructive behavior that is destroying their marriage.

A mom who is about to be homeless with her child.

This is my day. These are real problems of real people. How do I help? Can I help? What can I do? When does, I’ll pray for you fall short if there is no help with practical needs?

There are a lot of questions I can’t answer. But I am challenged everyday by people who are hiding behind their problems instead of searching for the answer. That’s right I said THE answer. There is only one answer. It’s Jesus. Will Jesus fix all these issues? I don’t know. He could. I don’t know if he will. I do know that hiding behind the destructive behaviors or choices won’t allow you to see the Truth. Which is something we could all use.

So stop hiding and step into the light.


One thought on “Hiding

  1. You nailed it again, Cy. How do you help? I think “you” help by listening and caring. I pray for you so that you don’t take these problems on and that you have the peace of Christ. I think God desires to have people depend on Him. He doesn’t always come through in the way or time we think He should but He does always come through.

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