Lucky Enough

We were blessed this past weekend to get a few days with our precious Clara. We hadn’t seen her for two months. Not our choice, just our reality. But we had a chance to see her and it was such a blessing.

Last we saw her she was just barely walking. And now…

All at the same time we have so much joy and sadness. We get a few brief moments to enjoy our lovely daughter. But all too soon we have to let her go back.

I guess it might be a little bit of how God feels. When He watches us follow Him, He has to be so proud and joy filled. But then He sees us start to wander away from Him. Out of what He would hope for us. At this moment, His heart starts to hurt.

We pray we’ll get to see her again. We pray we’ll get to stay in her life. But it is out of our hands and in His. We trust Him more that we trust ourselves. So we are thankful for the moments as hard as they may be, because they were given to us by God himself.


One thought on “Lucky Enough

  1. Nearly every day I wonder what it is like for you and Jen. Thanks for that insight in to what you are feeling and experiencing. Its beyond wrapping my mind around. Only God could give you what it takes to continue trusting Him. You are my heros.

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