Things I Can’t Understand

I don’t claim to be smart. So when I title a post “things I can’t understand” please know I will not go through everything I can’t understand as this format couldn’t handle it all. But I will ponder one question that baffles me all the time.

My wife’s best friend from high school has 4 daughters. They are all adorable. Recently one of the girls was diagnosed with cancer. She’s 5 I think. 5 years old. She has cancer. If you want to learn how you can pray for them, you can follow her story here. She has started chemo and is waiting to start another round of chemo. She has lost her hair. She has had a number of needle pokes and nights in the hospital. She’s been away from home so many nights.

This is something I can’t understand.

I can’t understand why or for what purpose anyone should have to go through this stuff let alone a darling little girl. Can God make amazing things happen out of this? Yes. Can He redeem this situation for His Glory? Yes. But why this way? Why the pain and suffering of a child to get there?

I do know that prayer works. When we pray God hears us. When we pray God smiles. When He hears us talking to Him and asking for Him to step into a difficult situation, He loves that.

God, shock the world today with a miraculous healing of Katelyn. She is your beautiful creation. She is your daughter, made in your image. I pray you would have mercy on her. I pray you would heal her body completely from the cancer that has been stealing her joy. I pray you would fully restore Katelyn to who you have intended for her to be. And as you heal this little girl and the murmur of miracle begins to stir, I pray everyone connected with this story would know you are the Lord God and worthy to be praised. Amen.


One thought on “Things I Can’t Understand

  1. God, you never waste pain. I praise you that you hear the prayers from all concerned and listen to those who love you. As a physician I have seen miracles that only can come from you. Make this one of them. One that shows Your glory. We will give you all the praise. Comfort this family and this precious little 5 year old.

    We pray for this by the blood of your Son through the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen

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