Do you know what fickle means? Many of us are fickle. Our likes and dislikes change with the wind. Someone we like one day doesn’t wave at us the next and we can’t understand what their problem is. We respect a person until we hear of something they said a few years back then it’s all over. We are fickle.

God is not fickle. I love this quote: “…I do not think that sin changes everything, particularly how God feels about humans. God is simply not that fickle.”

Often when we sin we feel far from God. We feel distance. We think that is God pulling back from us because of our sinfulness. Actually it is us pulling back from God when we sin.

I remember as a kid getting a pocket knife for a birthday present. I was told not to use it without dad around. I didn’t listen, I took it outside to do some whittling. I cut my forefinger wide open. I still have the scare. Did I run in the house to get help? Nope. I hid in the ditch near my house trying to get the bleeding to stop on my own enough to get in the house without dripping blood.

I had gone against the rules and I didn’t want to face my mom, knowing I had broken her rule. Never mind that I was bleeding all over the place. I waited a few hours, came in the house and put a bandaid on my finger and hid it from my folks for days.

We do the same thing with God. We avoid Him when we sin. Like we don’t want Him to find out. God loves us all the time. What we do doesn’t impact His love for us. Nothing we can do will change how He loves us. Nothing. (Read Romans 8:38-39 if you don’t believe me).

So stop running from Him and run toward Him.


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