Back, back, back

Hey all, I’m back from Cambodia. I took a one week siesta after returning from the old blog here. Just needed to rest up a tish. As always, there is a ton to share from my trip. I won’t bore you with so much of it but there is some that is worthwhile to share. For example, this is me and my girl Srey Duan.

Srey Duan

Srey Duan is 6 and is part of Jeevit’s House support program since her dad died of Aids/HIV a few years ago.  We started supporting her about a year ago. This was the first time I got to meet her though. She lives in a “village” (really a stretch to call it a village) that is about an hour and forty-five minutes from Battambang. The “houses” sit out in the middle of an orchard (literally a 20 minute drive through the field off of a dirt road). There is no water, no toilets and no electricity. But they do have joy.

We watched kids run and play and laugh and fall down, just like kids in the nicest suburb in the US would.

And even more awesome is the hope being brought out to them via the Gospel. Friends are going out to this place at least once a month to share the Gospel and provide for some practical needs. This hope will change everything for these kids even if their circumstances don’t change. Jesus loves us the same, whether our living room has a dirt floor or a bear skin rug. In heaven there will be people from every corner of the globe. From every economic situation.

I don’t feel bad for them that they live in a place without electricity or a bathroom. But I would feel bad if they didn’t have anyone who cared enough to share the Good News with them.

I feel worse for the family that lives down the street that has been told the Truth and has rejected it than I do for these kids who don’t have the creature comforts we feel we deserve.

Oh and do they go to school? Yes. The older kids walk to school. They walk out of the orchard and down to the end of the dirt road to get to the school. It took us 30 minutes to drive it and they walk it twice a day. And your kid complains about the bus stop or hot lunch…


One thought on “Back, back, back

  1. Glad you are back (on this blog and in person!) And thankful for your leadership and servant heart (in Cambodia and Ottumwa!)

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