Man That’s Crazy

Are you sold out for the Gospel?

If someone asked me that I would say that I think so. I left a corporate job to go into full time ministry. I’m about to leave for my fifth trip to Cambodia. We try to serve our city and the people in our city on a daily basis. I yearn for people to have the life change I have had in the last 13 years.

I think I’m doing well until I read the Bible. Check out these verses in Romans 9:

“My heart is filled with bitter sorrow and unending grief for my people, my Jewish brothers and sisters. I would be willing to be forever cursed–cut off from Christ!–if that would save them.” Romans 9:2-3

Excuse me? Wow. Am I sold out for the Gospel. Um no. No I’m not. I’m not eve filled with bitter sorrow and unending grief that people don’t know Jesus. I want people to know Jesus but it doesn’t dominate my life like it should. I am not beside myself over the lost.

What am I missing? Why isn’t their salvation as important to me as it is to Paul? Haven’t I been rescued just like him?

This seems to be the type of sacrifice that God asked of Abraham. God asked Abraham to take Isaac, his gift of a son (born to him at age 100), and sacrifice him on a mountain. The best gift God ever gave to Abraham, God asked Abraham to give it back.

So Paul ponders that same sacrifice. Giving up the best gift God could ever give for the sake of others. Jesus did the same thing. Jesus while hanging on the cross was separated from God while He took the punishment we deserved for our sins.

Should we try to get to this Romans 9:2-3 place? Would that be true humility and sacrifice and dedication to the Gospel?

Where are you at?


One thought on “Man That’s Crazy

  1. That is a challenge and a half! Are you trying to make me feel uncomfortable or something? If so you succeeded!

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