“The Two Yutes”

You have to love My Cousin Vinny. It is a classic and also answers the age old question, “Whatever happened to the guy from Karate Kid?” My favorite scene (sorry for the bad version) can be watched here.

We are getting ready for the AWAKE student conference and I am being challenged by it. I am not the best person to be in charge of some “yutes”. I want to just shake them and encourage them not to make the same mistakes that I did when I was young and dumb like them.

But I don’t think that would have the desired effect. I am pretty certain I would just end up in jail, which would help my case a bunch.

My one piece of advice. This is for the young ladies out there. Are you ready for it?

He doesn’t love you.

That’s it. He doesn’t. No matter what he says or what you hear him say or what he does for you. He doesn’t love you. He doesn’t even know what love it. So don’t buy that. And don’t do stupid stuff to try to keep some guy that doesn’t love you. Don’t confuse his lust for love. God loves you. Jesus loves you. And they are trustworthy. They want you to have purity and integrity. They believe you are precious and perfect just the way you are.

He doesn’t care about you. No matter what he says.

If you think I’m right, let’s get some Amens in the comments.


4 thoughts on ““The Two Yutes”

  1. AMEN! Brother! And if you give in, he won’t respect you. I was him once long ago. I know him better than he does.

    If he REALLY loves you, then he will wait until he can take care of you and any short people that pop up, then REALLY commit to you, before he asks you to do something that you will both regret tomorrow. We’re talking full time J-O-B with insurance benefits and PROVE he can pay the rent and put food on the table FOR-EV-ER type of commitment. And he can’t do that until he graduates from high school, then trade school or college, and has a plan for the future.

    I am a lucky man. My daughter found that FOR-EV-ER type of guy. And there are lots more of them out there. You have to be patient, and vigilant. You have to be strong! You have to KNOW what you want, and have the strength to find the man who will provide it for you. A Godly man, who loves more Jesus than he loves you, and cares more for you than he does for his physical “needs”. You have to have the FAITH to know that GOD will provide that kind of man for your life. Then you have to PRAY to Him daily, and ask him for that kind of man.

    when God finds that man, you won’t have to worry about keeping him “satisfied”, because when God is involved in your relationship he will bless you and satisfy you both.

    Sorry… I get a little carried away on that topic…

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