Don’t Let Him Down

I have had conversations before with someone who was once following God and walked away.

When I had a conversation with them I asked what happened. Usually the explanation starts out with something they have done, maybe a sin of some sort, and because of this, they feel like they have let God down.

Have you ever felt that way before? You do something and gulp, you feel overwhelmed with a sense that God was counting on you to keep together and when you sinned He was disappointed with you. You had let Him down. None of us like to disappoint someone. It’s human nature to try to avoid that. Then when we do it to God, the walls come tumbling down.

I’m still reading in Job and maybe surprisingly this book has something to say on the topic. Check out Job 34:14-15:

“If he should set his heart to it and gather to himself his spirit and his breath, all flesh would perish together and man would return to dust.”

You may want to read that again. Especially if you read it quickly. Read it again slowly. Thanks. Now does that sound like someone who is relying on us for anything? At any moment he could take away from us what he has given us, His Spirit and breath and we would return to dust (that is how we were formed to begin with Genesis 1). If He is that powerful, what are we doing to hold Him up that we could possibly let Him down?

We can’t let God down, because we were never holding him up.

That’s not a get out of sin free card, but a stop beating yourself up card. Stop sinning, confess and repent. Move on.


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