I’ll Pray for You

“Oh, thanks for sharing, I’ll pray for you…”

Really, you will?

We may say that, but life gets in the way. You forget you said that. You forget the story. Life takes over and the promised prayer, falls by the wayside. Not because we are hateful people, but because we are busy. And no one wants to be prayed for right then. Right in public when they told me about their situation. No one wants that awkward situation going down.

This has been me. I have made the promise and then not done it. I’ve made the promise live, via phone, email and text.

I can’t remember what urged me to change this, but I decided to knock it off. I decided to change and just pray for people right in the mess. Right when I find out about. Will I pray about it later, yeah I may remember in my prayer time, but I was going to pray right then too. When the Holy Spirit gives me goose bumps, I am going to pray.

So I started doing that. The weird factor never really happened. People weren’t freaked out, they were appreciative. And I was actually following through. Today, let’s start something radical. When you are tempted to say, “I’ll pray for you”; instead say, “let’s pray.”

Do it. Just pray right then. And see if what happens. For me, the change has been radical. I don’t feel guilty for forgetting to pray, I feel energized by the Holy Spirit because I yielded to Him in the moment. So take this challenge with me, and don’t delay the praying. Say, let’s pray.


One thought on “I’ll Pray for You

  1. Cy, I like you thoughts and will be praying that God help me have the boldness to pray in that moment. I have felt aware that I should not say I would pray and not follow through.

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