I would assume you watched at least some part of the Super Bowl (I hope they don’t sue me for using the actual words Super Bowl, instead of the lame “big game”). If not, I can catch you up quickly. One team got destroyed. One team didn’t.

After a big win in the NFC championship game (the game before the Super Bowl), one player from the Seahawks had a famous or infamous interview that received quite a bit of attention. Both positive and negative. He was proving to be a very poor winner. He ran other players into the ground and disrespected his opponent.

Sunday night, after a really terrible loss. Everyone wanted to talk to one man. Peyton Manning. The MVP of the NFL this year. He had a record setting year and got his butt whipped on Sunday. What did he have to say for himself?

He congratulated the other team.
He stood up for his teammates.
He took the blame for the loss on his shoulders.
He didn’t make any excuses.
He didn’t make any promises.

Peyton Manning obviously stood out from the Seahawks player. A stark contrast can be noticed between the two.

Contrasts aren’t a bad thing. If I didn’t know you and I just watched and listened to you. If I just looked at the websites you visit and checked out your Facebook, pinterest and twitter. If I just watching, could I tell a difference between you and your neighbors or friends? If you claim to follow Jesus and I just watched your life, would there be a contrast between you and someone who doesn’t claim to know Jesus? Can I see a difference, hear a difference?

I ask myself this all the time. Am I really changed?


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