Avoid, Avoid, Avoid

Most of us have a similar reaction when it comes time to face something difficult. We do all we can do to avoid the difficult situation, the difficult conversation, or the difficult confrontation. I haven’t learned much in my life, but one thing I have learned is that avoiding the bad is usually worse than just facing it head on. I know that may not make sense, but I have found it to be true.

The times in my life where I have been trying to figure out how to have a conversation that needed to happen have been brutal. I didn’t sleep well. I nervously ate. I was scared to see the person who I needed to talk with. It made my days hard to stand.

The funny thing is, when I finally went through with the tough conversation, I felt such a huge sense of relief. I had built up how bad it was going to go in my head so much that I had well overshot the severity of the conversation. The reaction wasn’t as bad as I thought. And the relief proved to me how big of a burden I had placed on myself.

In the Bible there are some books we avoid reading because they are going to be hard.

Job is one of those books. Most of us read the Bible to see what God has for us. To get a fresh voice of hope. But in Job…there is none of that…right?

I love the Bible because I think God surprises us all the time. Check this out. Job 14:14 – 17.

“If a man dies, shall he live again? All the days of my service I would wait, till my renewal should come. You would call, and I would answer you; you would long for the work of your hands. For then you would number my steps; you would not keep watch over my sin; my transgression would be sealed up in a bag, and you would cover over my iniquity.” 

No hope in Job? He’s talking about being raised from the dead, a.k.a. eternal life. He’s talking about renewal. Who of us, struggling through this life, doesn’t have some area we would enjoy a renewal? And trust me, I am thankful God has sealed up my sins and has covered over where I have fallen short. And Job was aware, somehow, of this coming renewal and forgiveness. He had a hope in the face of terrible tragedy.

So today, I choose hope. If Job can, why can’t i?


3 thoughts on “Avoid, Avoid, Avoid

  1. Cy,
    I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts – thank you so much for writing them! I hope you, Jen and Isaac have a wonderful 2014. You all deserve it.

  2. Because you live this the thoughts come with a greater impact. I love that you have hope and know that only God could give you the “desire” to choose hope. Something amazing will be born out of your hope as it was with Job.

  3. I have been avoiding replying to these posts. lol – but our hope is in something eternal, something ageless, something completely pure, powerful, and compassionate. And we know that God causes EVERYTHING to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose for them – Romans 8:28.

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