Bible as Weapon

Does it seem possible that the Bible could be used in a negative way?

You wouldn’t think so, but it can happen and seems to happen all the time. I think of it this way, someone might use a Bible verse to lay guilt on someone else. Someone might use the Bible to try to “help” someone else and just crush them instead. I’ve seen that done more than once.

Today I was reading in Job (pronounced with a long o sound, its in the old testament). I came across this verse:

“If your children have sinned against him, he has delivered them into the hand of their transgression.” Job 8:4

That doesn’t seem like a terribly hostile verse does it? How about with this context?  Job is 7 or 8 days removed from all of his children being killed while celebrating at his son’s house. They all died the same day. And how about this, in these days sacrificing to God because of your sins was a normal thing and Job would regularly sacrifice to God on behalf of his kids in case they had sinned without knowing it. Job was covering his bases. Then in a moment, he lost everything. His wealth, his family and eventually his health.

His friends came to console Job…at least they came to Job’s side when they heard about the tragedies. They sat silent for 7 days. Then Job spoke. One of Job’s “friends” then drops this bomb. “If your children have sinned against him, he has delivered them into the hand of their transgression.” You know it’s great to tell the grieving father, “hey your kids got just what they deserved.”

It was in the Bible, it must be good to say, right?

Not always. The Bible is full of wisdom, but wisdom must be dispensed by the wise.


My Esther

God has funny ways of talking sometimes.

I read through my Bible from front to back. I don’t have a reading plan where I bounce around. I can’t do that for some reason. Just doesn’t work for me. So I just go through it and pick it up where I am at on a given day.

The day after we found out the date when Clara was leaving our house, I picked up my Bible and it was time for me to read out of the Book of Esther. Really God…

Some of you may not know about Esther (great Veggie Tales movie about Esther, FYI). Esther was a Jew, who had been part of a group that had been kicked out of their homeland. They were conquered by another people and were living in a country not their own. She was living with her uncle, because her parents were gone.

The king of this country wanted to new Queen so he had young girls brought in to check out. Esther was one of them.

Why do I tell you all this? Picking up my Bible and seeing it was time to read Esther and knowing this story gave me some peace. God knows all about little girls living in difficult circumstances. Often, he uses these situations for His Glory. Like in the story of Esther. It really is a good story, finish reading it here; or go get the Veggie Tales movie. Either way, it would be worth your time.

Long Year

I have avoided blogging for a long time because my family has been dealing with a situation that has been touchy. We tried to adopt a baby. She lived in our home from the day she was born. We have loved on her so much. She is beautiful and perfect (maybe I’m biased).


A court decided she needed to go live with her birth mom and have visitations more regularly with birth dad.

It has hurt.

We are trying to recover, it will be slow and long. But I believe God has some Truth for me and us in this. I want to be attentive to that. If you want to join me in that walk, that would be awesome. If not, I understand.

God is an expert in loss. He has had THE ultimate hurt happen to Him as a parent. He lost a Son. The Son. I know I can lean on Him as I try to cope and heal. Maybe there will be something in here that is for you too. I guess we’ll see.