Spares A Life

In a warlike scenario, it isn’t uncommon for someone’s life to be spared, even in the heat of battle. The enemy catches someone’s eye and they decide to let them go. You’ve seen it in movies like Saving Private Ryan and others.

It isn’t shocking to me that this story line has a biblical origin.

In 1 Samuel 24, we read the story of David Sparing Saul’s life. Saul has been chasing David over and over again. The two come together in a cave, Saul is indisposed, and David has the chance to end this constant pursuit. But he chose not to. He chose to take the “high road” and spare Saul’s life. Why?

Do you think David thought he didn’t want to become Saul? By killing Saul, he would have been just like him? Or maybe David really knew that God had control of the situation and His prescribed outcome was perfect. Regardless of the why, David had the will power to withhold his hand.

We may not have as dramatic of opportunities, where we literally hold a life in our hands. But we may have a chance to snipe back at someone who has been rude to us. Or post something embarrassing about someone because they showed a picture of you, you wished they hadn’t. Maybe our role of sparing someone isn’t life or death, but it might mean almost as much.

David sparing Saul was more impactful to all the men surrounding both sides than killing him would have. David killing Saul was expected. His being let go, was not.

Do something unexpected today!


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