Epic Fail

How willing are you to fail?

Think about the question. Are you willing to jump into something that will almost guarantee failure?

Most of us will say no way and why would you. We fear failure. We won’t even try something that has a chance of failure, except play the lottery.

Check out 1 Samuel 14. Read the first 7 verses.

What is their chance of success? Won’t they fail? Then why even try?

I’m reading a biography of George Washington. George Washington was the father of our country. He was tasked with something that was certain to fail – lead a rag tag group of men against the worlds greatest army. You have no food, no clothes (not just no uniforms, but no clothes), no shoes, no guns, and no ammunition.

This was the task set before the leader of our revolution. If George had been us, he wouldn’t have even tried, because the guarantee of failure was so big.

I’m going to say something that is revolutionary. Ready? It’s okay to fail.

Much of history has been written by those who in our standards would be considered failures. Don’t believe me? How many battles did George Washington win? How many lightbulbs did Thomas Edison try to make before ONE worked? How many people walked out of a Billy Graham revival and didn’t give their lives to Christ?

Failure is part of life. Without failure, how do we know what success looks like? How much failure are we willing to endure for the one success? But we want the success without the risk of failure. I’m not sure where we got that idea, since there isn’t a historical precedent for it.

In 1 Samuel 14, Jonathan was ready to fail. He wasn’t worried about the outcome. He was just willing to risk, so that God can be glorified.


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