What’s New

It has taken me over 4 years to get here, but I have finally figured out what I am supposed to blog about and why. So, things they are a changin’. From here on out, I’ll be blogging about my reading through the Bible. It will be a public journal of sorts. Two reasons for this. The Bible is the most amazing collection of books known to man. I want to share it in a simple way that intrigues us rather than intimidates. The other reason is, I need some accountability on reading my Bible. If you don’t get a post from me for a few days, call me out. Your comments go to my email.

So that is the “big” change.

If you want to bail out, now is the time. I you think this will be fun, invite a friend to join you. You can read along or not. I’ll try to remember to share the address of what I am reading. Enjoy. See you in the comments…


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