David and Saul

I’m reading in 1 Samuel 18.

Most people, even if they don’t read the Bible, know who David is. He is the sheep herder who killed Goliath. Every March we hear about “David” playing “Goliath” during the NCAA basketball tourney. David we get. Who’s Saul?

To put it simply, Saul is David’s boss. Saul is the King of Israel, to David’s sheep herding, harp playing and occasional warrioring. Saul was the first king picked by Israel. David, was the 2nd.

Basically in 1 Samuel 18, Saul figures out that David is the new chosen king of Israel, chosen by God. That means God is with David and no longer with Saul. This chapter truly could be a movie, and actually it is the plot of about a hundred movies. But this where Saul starts trying to kill David. Kind of a lot. For example, 1 Samuel 18:10-11, shows Saul trying to pin David to the wall with a spear, but David evaded the attack…twice. Twice? Really, you don’t think getting a spear chucked at you once would be enough?

What is really crazy at this point is David’s character. In the movies, if someone tries to kill the good guy, the good guy tries to kill that person first so as to preserve life. What does David do? He marries Saul’s daughter and continues to serve the King. David isn’t like the rest of us. We would have all gone into self preservation mode. But David became part of the family. And went back to work the next day.

With this example, we shouldn’t be so surprised when later in the Bible Jesus talks about loving our enemies. I don’t think you get more enemy than Saul was to David, but David stood right there and kept serving him as he was supposed to. David was one crazy dude. And the story is just getting started.

1 Samuel 19-20 for next time.


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